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Summer Trash Music

13 Jun

I am an active connoisseur of trashy pop music. My favorite summer activity is driving around town in my old, rusted out Ford Explorer with KDWB top 100 hits blaring out of the windows. It’s kind of how I roll. So, while finding catchy pop songs is an all year long goal for me, the summertime is when I actively seek out the poppiest and most dance-able of songs. It’s nice to cling to the more popular singles because then you’re bound to hear them at least three times an hour on the same station, if you’re lucky.

You won the motherf-ing lottery if you liked “Party Rock Anthem” last summer.

This summer brings with it a couple of songs that make me say things out loud in the car like, “Please please please, Tone E. Fly, play this now.” Or “I’ll never say another bad word about you, Ryan Seacrest, if you just bust out my jam.” (That last one is a flat out lie, which makes it even worse).

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