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The National’s New Album, Or That Time First Ave. Reminded Me That I’m Old.

28 Jun

Posted by: Alex

The National Album Cover

I realize that when I talk about music on this blog, I tend to focus my attention on current pop hits, and that’s because they are all so good and I love them. But a secret about me is that I actually do like and appreciate good music that isn’t on a Top 40 list. My friend C.j. has always so kindly referred to my taste in music as “crybaby cowboy music,” which is quite accurate. I don’t really have a way around hearing good music, as 90% of my friends are talented musicians and when you spend all of your 20’s going to their shows, you get to hear a lot of solid bands. You also listen to a lot of horrible nonsense, but that’s kind of fun too. Well, it’s fun when you’re new to legal drinking and being in a bar for a 21+ show is incredibly novel. You get to stay out late and drink PBR, or whatever shitty beer on tap is cheapest, with all of your friends. What could be more fun?? Since I never get out anymore, I now require that everything start very early, be of top notch quality, and I will spend a great deal of money to not drink PBR. A 6pm show that ends by 8pm and has a 2-for-1 special on a nice glass of pinot noir? Now that’s my idea of fun.

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The Top Ten Reasons I Can’t Quit “The Bachelor.”

7 Jun

Posted by: Alex

Sean main picture

Every year I make the following announcement: “This will be the last season that I watch The Bachelor.” (Or The Bachelorette. I don’t discriminate). The producers always choose a person that I predicted would be the next Bachelor/Ette, but I never really like them. I make grand statements about how they will have the most boring season ever and it already takes up way too much of my time, so I am through! Then I twirl around in a circle, and while my dress blows effortlessly, I also announce that I’m Gone with the Wind fabulous.

But somehow ABC knows when all my other shows are on summer hiatus and that I am in desperate need of something mindless on a Monday night and they start airing a new season, right at my most vulnerable moment. Why must they do this to me?!? So I start to watch and then, like clockwork, I have a beer in one hand, a taco in the other, and the happiest grin on my face because I fucking love The Bachelor. Here are the top ten reasons that I can never quit this ridiculous program.

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