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I Had A Few Drinks and Then I Watched “The Sound of Music Live!”

5 Dec

A few notes:

* Julie Andrews is my favorite celebrity of all-time.

* Sound of Music is one of my favorite movies of all-time.

* I have never seen the Broadway version of TSOM, only the movie.

* I’ve had some cocktails.

Carrie Underwood TSOM

– Everyone should be thanking their lucky stars that Audra McDonald is a part of this.

– What a great set! So much more real looking than the Austrian Alps! NOT! I’ve seen better shrubbery in my yard, and I have the deadest, most uncared-for shrubbery in the city.

– Carrie Underwood just almost biffed it on the hill! What if she tripped and fell in the first 5 minutes, during the most important song of the entire show?!?? I wonder if her understudy, Kellie Pickler, would have to take over.

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