Summer Trash Music

13 Jun

I am an active connoisseur of trashy pop music. My favorite summer activity is driving around town in my old, rusted out Ford Explorer with KDWB top 100 hits blaring out of the windows. It’s kind of how I roll. So, while finding catchy pop songs is an all year long goal for me, the summertime is when I actively seek out the poppiest and most dance-able of songs. It’s nice to cling to the more popular singles because then you’re bound to hear them at least three times an hour on the same station, if you’re lucky.

You won the motherf-ing lottery if you liked “Party Rock Anthem” last summer.

This summer brings with it a couple of songs that make me say things out loud in the car like, “Please please please, Tone E. Fly, play this now.” Or “I’ll never say another bad word about you, Ryan Seacrest, if you just bust out my jam.” (That last one is a flat out lie, which makes it even worse).

Trashy Song #1: “Call Me Maybe” (Carly Rae Jepsen)

This song is not new to the summertime, but its redundant and catchy lyrics were made to enjoy in the months of June, July, and August. (I won’t insult you if you like this song in other seasons, too, but listening to this song during a snowstorm is just not the same. Let’s face that together).

The funny thing about this song is that there are numerous ways to enjoy it visually, as well as aurally (Hehe. I said “aurally”). For some unknown reason, everyone has decided to make Youtube videos of themselves singing and/or dancing to this song. I happen to enjoy all of them:

There’s the good ol original. The ending is COMPLETELY endearing.

There’s the Harvard men’s baseball team’s choreographed version. Since their baseball games probably involve them answering quiz bowl questions on a field instead of throwing a ball or running, I assume they had plenty of time to practice this:

Since Carly was “discovered” by Justin Bieber, there’s a video of the Biebs, along with Selena Gomez and friends, drunkenly wandering around someone’s house lip-synching to the song. I say they were drunk because I’m jealous I wasn’t invited to the party. And also because I’m pretty sure one doesn’t think to do this sort of thing completely sober:

And lastly, the charming backstage performance by Carly, Jimmy Fallon, and The Roots:

Had enough “Call Me Maybe?” Well, MAYBE what you need is some Nikki Minaj, bitches!

Trashy Song #2: Starships (Nikki Minaj)

I love Nikki Minaj. I thought her whole thing was to add crazy ass, fast raps to other people’s songs, but no! She also makes pop gold:

Now to the song I’d like to hear a lot less of this summer:

Hey, “Pumped Up Kicks” of 2012 – shut the Fun up. Seriously.

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