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Why Can’t First Episodes Just Be Good?

25 Jul

This past week, Dan and I had one of those tired, lazy nights (much like every single other night) where all we wanted to do was lay on the couch and watch something mindless. The drama didn’t end there, guys – nothing was on! It was a nightmare. But then we remembered that not only do we have cable and DVR, but we also have On Demand and Netflix. So instead of throwing ourselves off of a bridge, we opted to try watching something new that everyone and their step-grandmother says is the best show ever – Friday Night Lights. Now, don’t get all worked up because you think I’m going to say that I didn’t like it – I thought it was okay and I will definitely give it another chance. But more about that later.

I actually just wish every show was the "Cosby Show."

I actually just wish every show was the “Cosby Show.”

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