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She Said/She Said: The Dark Knight Rises Edition!

31 Aug

We’re going to get all spoiler-y up in here, so if you haven’t seen the movie yet, please enjoy this trailer, dubbed by Pee Wee Herman;

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Married to Jonas Made Me Sad

23 Aug

You may think that the sad part about “Married to Jonas” was when I sat down and watched “Married to Jonas.” You would be wrong. I secretly like the Jonas Brothers. Nick is the talented one, Joe is the cute one, and Kevin is the…guitar player. I was under the impression that this show would give me a glimpse into the lives of some cute newlyweds and a once popular boy band. There are some tweens out there that would literally stab me in the face for saying they were “once popular” but I’m just being honest. And luckily, tweens don’t read this. Even though they’re clearly my kind of people, so they should.

This is me on the inside.

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So You Think You Can Dance – Top 16

17 Aug

There were two things that I discovered I liked this week which led me to my Top 16 pick.

 Thing #1: Lindsay.

I’m not just another blonde! I’m a blonde named Lindsay!

You might know Lindsay as one of the two blonde ballroom dancers that look and dance alike. For that reason (and I have mentioned this before), they rule each other out and I never remember/care about either of them. Didn’t you think of this, “So You Think You Can Dance” decision makers? Putting a bunch of dancers that all look and dance alike makes it impossible for people to care about one. The girl I remember most every week is Amelia, mostly because she’s so pale and she loves to look like she’s been kidnapped and doesn’t know where she is.

I’m just a dainty forest nymph that accidentally knows how to dance good!

But I digress.

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Blimey, British TV is the Dog’s Bollocks!

16 Aug

I will sum up everything I know about Downton Abbey in this post; did you know that it’s not called Downtown Abbey? Because I didn’t until I Googled it 5 seconds ago. I’ll just go ahead and risk alienating myself from our entire fan base by admitting that I’ve never understood the appeal of period dramas. There, I said it. The British tv I’m referring to is much more… common. Continue reading

An Excuse to Make a List (as if I ever need one)

12 Aug

A few weeks ago, Dan and I went to see “Moonrise Kingdom,” the new Wes Anderson movie, which I liked. Dan fell asleep briefly, but who can blame him? Baby boy got tired and not much was happening.

I was listening to my favorite podcast, the Slate Culture Gabfest, and Julia (the one I like the most because she thinks what I think) was saying that watching Wes Anderson movies, although enjoyable, can be somewhat difficult because you get so consumed with all the Wes Anderson-isms. So much so, that you miss the whole message of the movie. Once you’ve seen a few of his movies, you begin to recognize these “isms.” For instance: you know the main characters will live in a crazy house with a weird layout and it will be chock full of random, yet purposeful, tchotchkes; you also know that Bill Murray will be there and every time he opens his mouth, even if it’s to say a touching sentiment of some sort, everyone in the audience will laugh (I am guilty of this); Jason Schwartzman will show up at some point and there will always be a character based on Max Fischer from “Rushmore;” there will be a lot of eye makeup on one or more girls; moody sixties music will play at just the right time; there will be at least one quote that you and your friends say over and over for years to come, i.e. “O, R they?!”

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So You Think You Can Dance – Top 18

9 Aug

The dance I chose this week as my favorite makes it evident that I didn’t find much to like in this week’s episode. No – I take that back. There was a Sonya Tayeh dance that I liked okay. But sometimes I get sick of myself choosing moody contemporary pieces as my go-to favorites.

You’re 8 years old and pretending to be stuck in a box of sadness that even you don’t understand? Yeah, I’ll still probably pick your dance over the tango.

So this week I broke free from my box of sadness! I chose a foxtrot as my favorite! Listen. It isn’t the greatest dance I’ve ever seen, but it’s so sweet and classic. Sometimes I just want dance to look like a Fred Astaire movie rather than some depressing suicidal love story directed by Quentin Tarantino. And this dance satisfied that need. I hope you enjoy it. If you don’t, I’m sure “Pulp Fiction” is on Showtime or something, you dark hearted happiness hater.

Tiffany and George

Music: “I Want to Be Loved By You” Sinead O’Connor

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