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Fall TV is One of the Great Joys In My Life

28 Sep

Posted by: Alex

Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons: cool air, wearing sweaters, honeycrisp apples, Halloween, leaves changing colors, lack of headaches induced by that nasty sunlight, blah blah blah, I could go on and on. One thing that consistently lands in my top five favorite things about fall is the TV season. Part of my excitement might just be that new shows, and returning shows for that matter, get overly built up for weeks on end. How could I not get excited?!? I don’t even care if there is no chance in hell I’ll watch it. Two and a Half Men is back!? And Ashton Kutcher might say something sassy and off the cuff in the first episode?!? Hurray for all of their fans! That’s just one example of the useless amount of energy and enthusiasm I put towards fall television.

I bet Ashton is saying something super funny that a fan of this show is thoroughly enjoying. And that makes me so happy for them!

But in this post, I will focus on shows that I’ve set my DVR to record. Remember when you used to have to be there to watch a show when it was actually on?!?And you had to watch commercials?? I hope, for the sake of civilization and all that is good in this world that we never have to go back to those sad and forlorn times.

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2012 Emmy Awards – The What Alex Saw Edition

24 Sep

Posted by: Alex

7pm – The Emmy’s are starting! The only night of the year when TV actors are not overshadowed by movie stars.

7:03pmThat opening was funny! Way to kill it, Jimmy Kimmel and various delightful women of comedy. And props to Lena Dunham for being naked, as usual.

7:07pm – What’s wrong with Jon Hamm’s collar? Maybe his privates are so large that it alters the way the tops of his clothes fit?

7:11pm – Watching the year in comedy recap is like watching a slide show at a good friend’s wedding. That’s how emotional and happy it makes me.

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Gallery Girls is Great and You Know It.

21 Sep

Posted by: Alex (with a special dedication to Alex’s friend John, who pretends he doesn’t like this show, but clearly loves it).

Oh, Bravo. Sometimes I see previews for your reality shows and I wonder what Andy Cohen was smoking when he thought this premise was a good idea. That is what I thought about Gallery Girls. That is, until I watched it and LOVED EVERY SHALLOW SECOND OF IT.

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So You Think You Can Dance – Top Six and Final Four!!

18 Sep

Posted by: Alex

People. Tonight is the SYTYCD finale. Are you excited?!? It is down to four contestants: Eliana, Chehon, Tiffany, and Cyrus. I think it is a wee bit of a cop out that they’re picking a final guy and a final girl as the winners, but I’ll need to get over that. When I last wrote about SYTYCD, it was down to eight. Obviously, I am lagging behind once again and this post will include some catching up.

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MTV VMAs, Minute by Minute

6 Sep

Posted by: Alex


7pm – It’s starting! I’m so excited. I need to remember this feeling when I get bored and irritated later on.

7:01pm – It’s Rihanna! I love you so much, Rihanna. I don’t know what I feel about your outfit, though. Wait, I do know – it’s pretty ugly. P.S. “We Found Love” was the best pop song of the year. There is simply no arguing this. It’s fact.

7:06pm – I don’t think small people being a part of gags is ever funny. Other people do, though, so I’m sure its legacy will never end. And who is Kevin what’s his name?

7:07pm – Oh, it’s Kevin Hart. He is the host. He just told me.

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So You Think You Can Dance – Top 10 and Top 8

3 Sep

Posted By: Alex

I know there are literally millions of you out there saying to yourselves, “Wait. What happened to the top 14, Alex? How can you skip to the top 10? And why are you doing a post about the top 10 and the top 8?” Here’s my initial answer – what, is this an interrogation? Are you with the FBI or something? Get off my back! But then here’s my answer after calming down a bit: the top 14 show was the Mia Michaels episode which got me so excited to reminisce about old Mia Michaels dances that I need more time to gather my thoughts. It will be coming soon. The answer to part two of your burning questions is laziness, my friends, pure laziness. If I keep going at the pace I’m at now, by the time I get around to the final four dancers, you’ll be like thanks for talking about this show that ended three months ago. Reflection is truly rewarding and enjoyable!

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