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Tina and Amy! Oh, and the Golden Globes.

13 Jan

Tina and Amy 2014

– Here come Amy and Tina! OMG OMG OMG! They both look like beautiful mermaids that just washed ashore from the funniest, cutest ocean.

– I love the Golden Globes because everybody is drinking champagne and looks all tipsy and relaxed. If I could go to any awards show, I would go to this one. How do I apply to be a seat filler? Because I’ll start gathering my letters of recommendation now.

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Look at me, the fancy pants who watches documentaries.

12 Apr

Posted by: Alex


I don’t have much patience for a lot of things: shopping; animal videos; other people’s travel photos (unless they are of a person drunk, doing dumb stuff. Otherwise, I don’t need to see 17 photos of that tree you thought was life changing); student loan customer service representatives; paying attention in meetings; descriptive words in fictional writing (“The wind is the smell of my great grandmother’s favorite perfume before the war and it feels as cold as a popsicle I ate after I almost got hit by a car when I was 8.” So…it’s windy). Just to name a few. Something that shocks and disappoints people about me (read: my husband) is that I have very little patience for movies. This was not always my lot in life. Once upon a time, I would watch any movie at any time. I once watched Sneakers two times in a row, just for fun. This situation would LITERALLY never happen today (actually maybe it would. Sneakers is such a good movie). Once I hit my late 20’s, something in me changed. My attention span became shorter and shorter and I started getting resentful of the hours spent watching a movie I didn’t like, which was 99% of them. On top of my anger, I actually stopped being able to pay attention. I would drift off and start thinking about what I need to do or what I want to eat for dinner (which, to be fair, I think about all day, anyway), and I would miss major plotlines. I often will get to the end of a movie and have no idea what the conflict was or the name of any character. I’m on season 3 of Parenthood and I still call Lauren Graham’s character “Lorelai Gilmore” because I don’t know her name. None of these are things I’m proud of, but it’s who I am and I accept it.

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