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An Excuse to Make a List (as if I ever need one)

12 Aug

A few weeks ago, Dan and I went to see “Moonrise Kingdom,” the new Wes Anderson movie, which I liked. Dan fell asleep briefly, but who can blame him? Baby boy got tired and not much was happening.

I was listening to my favorite podcast, the Slate Culture Gabfest, and Julia (the one I like the most because she thinks what I think) was saying that watching Wes Anderson movies, although enjoyable, can be somewhat difficult because you get so consumed with all the Wes Anderson-isms. So much so, that you miss the whole message of the movie. Once you’ve seen a few of his movies, you begin to recognize these “isms.” For instance: you know the main characters will live in a crazy house with a weird layout and it will be chock full of random, yet purposeful, tchotchkes; you also know that Bill Murray will be there and every time he opens his mouth, even if it’s to say a touching sentiment of some sort, everyone in the audience will laugh (I am guilty of this); Jason Schwartzman will show up at some point and there will always be a character based on Max Fischer from “Rushmore;” there will be a lot of eye makeup on one or more girls; moody sixties music will play at just the right time; there will be at least one quote that you and your friends say over and over for years to come, i.e. “O, R they?!”

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