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I Love/Hate Valentine’s Day Mix Tapes, Volume 3

12 Feb

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I Love/Hate Valentine’s Day Mix Tapes, Volume 2

14 Feb

Golden Girls Valentine

Well, that special day is here again. A day that is either filled with romance and love and chocolate and wine, or a day that is filled with hatred and resentment and pizza and vodka. For me, it will be just another Friday, because take-out = love in our house, and we get take-out every Friday.

Breaking Bad Valentine

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Happy Valentine’s Day Love/Hate Mix Tapes

14 Feb

Posted by: Alex

V-day Card

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends, family, lovers, and acquaintances! I used to believe that the best way to express feelings to another person was through a mix tape. These days I’m more partial to bottles of wine and some alone time, but I still love a good mix. My friends and I exchange them regularly, to this day, and I like to make them for myself to get pumped up when I’m doing things I don’t want to do, such as going to the first day of a job or shopping at the Mall of America.

Just seeing the sign outside makes me uneasy.

Just seeing the sign outside makes me uneasy.

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