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So You Think You Can Dance – Top 20

29 Jul

I was a bit underwhelmed this week. Sure, there were some standout routines, but overall here’s what I’m always thinking: wait, which blonde ballroom dancer is that? Hold up, which petite brunette is that again? Wait a minute, is he also a ballerina learning to relax, “Save the Last Dance” style?

She is REALLY learning to relax! Look at her posture!

I did LOVE the group number (way to go, Christopher Scott, who I always forget about because I don’t really know who you are).

I’m looking at this picture and I already forgot who you are again.

But the highlight was the Travis Wall piece to “Unchained Melody.” Travis Wall is like the new Mia Michaels to me, in that I like almost everything he does and I get excited about it. The girl in this is one of the petite brunettes I can’t tell apart and the dude looks like Ryan Gosling (don’t get too cocky, poor man’s Ryan. You look vaguely like him). Apparently they have real names, which are Matthew and Audrey. I prefer to refer to them as Unidentified and Ryan, though, so feel free to follow suit. Not only does Unidentified do a giant leap into Ryan’s arms when the music gets big, but when she is laying on top of him and arches her back into the air, I have a heart attack because that takes some major back muscles. It is gorgeous. Watch for it. If it doesn’t make your back hurt out of empathy, I don’t know what will. Empathy back pain is a highly underrated emotional state.

Music: “Unchained Melody” Righteous Brothers

So You Think You Can Dance is on Wednesdays on Fox.

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