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The Top Ten Reasons I Can’t Quit “The Bachelor.”

7 Jun

Posted by: Alex

Sean main picture

Every year I make the following announcement: “This will be the last season that I watch The Bachelor.” (Or The Bachelorette. I don’t discriminate). The producers always choose a person that I predicted would be the next Bachelor/Ette, but I never really like them. I make grand statements about how they will have the most boring season ever and it already takes up way too much of my time, so I am through! Then I twirl around in a circle, and while my dress blows effortlessly, I also announce that I’m Gone with the Wind fabulous.

But somehow ABC knows when all my other shows are on summer hiatus and that I am in desperate need of something mindless on a Monday night and they start airing a new season, right at my most vulnerable moment. Why must they do this to me?!? So I start to watch and then, like clockwork, I have a beer in one hand, a taco in the other, and the happiest grin on my face because I fucking love The Bachelor. Here are the top ten reasons that I can never quit this ridiculous program.

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