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The Long Lost Mia Michaels Post (for those already in SYTYCD withdrawal)

3 Oct

Posted by: Alex

I promise that this will be the last post about So You Think You Can Dance for those of you who would rather be hit by a bus than watch another Travis Wall contemporary piece. I do understand your frustration and lack of interest in this area. But before I end my streak, I need to reminisce about the week that SYTYCD had their best idea ever: the best of Mia Michaels week. Hallelujah! Why hasn’t this been done every week, I asked myself?!? It was magical. The best part, for me, was not watching the current dancers try to re-do the original choreography. That actually made me feel bad because I didn’t think any of the new versions held up to the originals. What made me so elated was being reminded of what a genius Mia Michaels is and then proceeding to go back and watch all of my favorite dances on YouTube. And that’s what I’ve compiled here: my all-time favorite Mia Michaels pieces. Even those of you dance haters will be able to appreciate how beautiful, creative, smart, and moving each of these dances are. (I might be projecting a little. Feel free to hate away. I guess it’s a free country).

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So You Think You Can Dance – Top 20 Preview

9 Jul

I really like “So You Think You Can Dance.” I used to dance, so it’s fun to watch people remind me that I was never very good.

This is my first installment of my favorite “So You Think You Can Dance” dance of the week. I will do this weekly, whether people like it or not. I also put this as my Facebook post, so there is really no escaping my obsessive pushiness of 3 minute dance clips.

This is the episode where they showcased who made it into the top 20. I have to be honest, I wasn’t gaga over anyone. But then, along came a piece created by Mia Michaels, who always reminds me of how amazingly beautiful choreography can be.

With that said, here is my favorite number of Episode 1! Welcome back, Mia Michaels, you crazy spiky haired lass.

Music: “Eyes” Kaskade

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