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It’s Mix Time: Year in Review

25 Jan
Outdated technology makes excellent furniture.

Outdated technology makes for some fancy furniture.

Posted by: mthep

Once upon a time, for my 26th birthday celebration, I decided to hand out mix CDs as party favors to everyone coming out. Just a little thank-you to all of those kindhearted friends (and friends of friends), who opted to leave their cozy, warm homes in mid-January,  to come out to the bar and help me celebrate.  I set two rules for the mix: 1)  to only include songs that I had heard for the first time in the last year, and 2) the songs had to have stuck with me somehow; be they meaningful or just catchy. Of course, I was also worried about appearing super cool, so I tried to keep the “obscure indie music”  ratio pretty high (Sorry pop music! We both know I can’t quit you).

Surprisingly, I’ve managed to keep this tradition going, and this year marks Party Favors Mix #7.  Thankfully, I’m much less interested in impressing people now – and it’s a good thing, because I also have more trouble finding new music with every passing year. I’ve gotten into a comfortable rut, listening to lots of the same bands I’ve listened to for the last decade, but having this annual challenge in the back of my mind helps keep me on the lookout for new music all year long.

These mixes have become time capsules for me, although I certainly didn’t set out to accomplish that. When I listen to old versions, I can still remember what most of the songs relate to; relationships and break ups, live shows and road trips – like an auditory trip down memory lane.

Thanks to the wonders of Spotify technology, I’m happy share this year’s version with you. I make no assertions that these tracks would be on anyone’s annual “best of” list, but it’s pretty representative of the soundtrack to my life for 2012.

And as a bonus, here’s my favorite music video from the last year/the only music video I’ve watched in the last year;

Are any of you out there sentimental music scrapbookers too?

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