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The “Tonight Show” is Finally Important Again!

7 Mar

Jimmy Fallon

When I was a little kid, my mom would put me to bed at a normal kid bedtime, then she would promptly go back downstairs thinking that I was sound asleep and dreaming like the cutest child ever that I was. (Not to brag, but my shit was CUTE). But rather than go to sleep at a normal time so that I was well rested for school the next morning, I would sneak into my parent’s bedroom, where my dad was watching TV. I would jump into bed with him and we would watch Cheers and the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. By the time the guests were coming out, my mom would usually head up to use the bathroom or get ready for bed, so I would dart back to my bedroom and finally fall asleep. While I’m sure this is the reason that I didn’t learn anything in elementary school, it is one of my happiest childhood memories. My dad loved Johnny Carson, and Johnny always made him laugh, no matter how tired or stressed out from the day he was.

Even though I’m sure I understood 0% of what Johnny was talking about, I loved him too. I got that something special and funny was happening, and I liked being in on the joke, even if I didn’t understand the punchline. Because of this, I’ve always had a soft spot for Johnny Carson, and for what the Tonight Show represents and has meant for pop culture. I remember crying all through the final episode on May 22, 1992 (I cannot remember what I ate for lunch yesterday, but I somehow have never forgotten this date) (That’s not true – soup), and knowing that I was watching something truly important come to an end.

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Once Again, I Watched the MTV VMA’s So You Don’t Have To.

26 Aug

Lady Gaga VMA's

8pm: Oh my god, the show just started and I’m already watching Lady Gaga coming out of some sort of nun womb. I think this is going to be a great show.

8:01pm: I totally buy into Lady Gaga’s schtick. Watching her is like watching Rocky Horror Picture Show – I think it’s amazing and unique and entertaining, but it also kind of scares me. Admit it – Gaga scares you, too.

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My Desperate Attempt to Channel Warm Weather

26 Apr

Posted by: Alex

This is what its come to.

I should begin this post by saying that for those of you reading this in any state other than Minnesota, you will find what I am writing to be inane. You may be thinking, “channel warm weather, you say? Why, I live in New York and we’ve had warm weather for weeks now!” First of all, stop talking like you are a character on New York’s version of Downton Abbey. Second of all, screw you! I live in Minnesota and it has been one f-ed up winter. And I am saying that as a person who loves the seasons and is meant to live in Minnesota. I am one of those people that goes along with the collective complaining because I don’t want to be left out of the fun (sidenote: this reminds me of Barney Stinson’s motivational office poster on How I Met Your Mother that says: ‘Conformity: it’s the one who is different that gets left out in the cold’), but inside I think the snow is really pretty and it doesn’t annoy me at all. And I like cold rainy days because then I can sit inside and not feel like I should be doing anything else. Forced laziness is my jam.

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Who Runs the World?…Justin Timberlake Does.

15 Mar

jt snl

Posted by: Alex

Something dawned on me as I watched Justin Timberlake become a “5-timer” on Saturday Night Live last week – how is Justin Timberlake so mother$&!%ing talented and when did he start plotting to take over the universe? Let’s recap and find out.

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