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Tina! Amy! Clooney! The kid from “Annie!” It’s the Golden Globes!

12 Jan

Tina and Amy Golden Globes-lg

– It’s the Golden Globes! The awards ceremony when we not only honor film and television, but we watch celebrities drink endless free champagne! I love this sacred evening.

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Tina and Amy! Oh, and the Golden Globes.

13 Jan

Tina and Amy 2014

– Here come Amy and Tina! OMG OMG OMG! They both look like beautiful mermaids that just washed ashore from the funniest, cutest ocean.

– I love the Golden Globes because everybody is drinking champagne and looks all tipsy and relaxed. If I could go to any awards show, I would go to this one. How do I apply to be a seat filler? Because I’ll start gathering my letters of recommendation now.

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Girls! Girls! Girls!

17 Jan

Posted by: Alex

I don’t know why Amanda Bynes felt the need to pierce her cheek –

a bynes cheek

But here’s what I do know: Girls is back and I could not be happier about it!

In short, Girls is about 4 twenty-something women living in New York, post-graduation. It stars Lena Dunham, who is also the head writer, producer, director, creator, composer, caterer, best boy grip, and camera guy. She just won a million Golden Globes and I feel like she’s some young, freaky comedy genius. She does have the backup of Judd Apatow (whom I love), so that probably helps. Especially with the catering.

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