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Eat, Drink, Love: Another Stupid Bravo Show I Like

13 Sep

eat drink love

I’ve never smoked crack (I don’t even know proper drug lingo – do you smoke crack? Is there something else you can do with it? Can you cook it and put it in pie? Would that be called, like, Grandma’s Old Timey Apple Baked Crack?), but I would assume that if I did, it would feel like I’m watching a marathon of Real Housewives, Top Chef, and every other mindless Bravo television show out there. I don’t know if you see what I’m trying to do here, but I’m comparing the crap I watch on Bravo to crack cocaine addiction.* I have a problem and I don’t really care where I get my next hit from – it could be a nice Real Housewives spin-off like Bethany Getting Married? or it could be a good old Inside the Actors Studio. It really doesn’t matter, as long as it meets the following criteria:

1.) It’s narcissistic.

2.) There are some pretty things to look at.

3.) There is a strong east coast and/or west coast accent involved.

4.) It appears when I turn on my television.

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