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Awful (un)Paid Advertising, Brought to you by Broadcouching

8 Feb
"You're not having fun time if commercials are your favorite part of anything." - Jennifer Lawrence on Conan 2/5/13

“You’re not having fun if commercials are your favorite part of anything.” – Jennifer Lawrence on Conan 2/5/13

Posted by: mthep

In case the Super Bowl was successful in fooling you into thinking that commercials could be cool, listen to my (imaginary) friend up there, and let me remind you that even at their best, they still deserve to be qualified as “pretty good… for a commercial.” They’re loud, obnoxious, and always break into your show just as it’s getting good.

The Super Bowl may be the one time of year commercials are celebrated, but just like your socially conscious hippy aunt reminds you about the real Thanksgiving when all you want to do is eat some mashed potatoes, I’m here to remind you about the real commercials when you’re just trying to watch Amy Poehler work her magic in an attempt to revive a dying mega corporation.

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