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So You Think You Can Dance – Top 16

17 Aug

There were two things that I discovered I liked this week which led me to my Top 16 pick.

 Thing #1: Lindsay.

I’m not just another blonde! I’m a blonde named Lindsay!

You might know Lindsay as one of the two blonde ballroom dancers that look and dance alike. For that reason (and I have mentioned this before), they rule each other out and I never remember/care about either of them. Didn’t you think of this, “So You Think You Can Dance” decision makers? Putting a bunch of dancers that all look and dance alike makes it impossible for people to care about one. The girl I remember most every week is Amelia, mostly because she’s so pale and she loves to look like she’s been kidnapped and doesn’t know where she is.

I’m just a dainty forest nymph that accidentally knows how to dance good!

But I digress.

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