“Drinking Buddies”: The Only Time Olivia Wilde Has Ever Been Rejected.

24 Jan

Drinking Buddies

My husband claims that whenever his family had a movie night when he was a little boy, he was always out-voted and never able to choose what they would watch. Instead of a double feature of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Karate Kid, Part II, he was probably forced to watch Pretty In Pink or Pride and Prejudice. Dan referred to this genre as “Hello, how are you” movies. What that means is that they just talk and talk and talk and there’s no action, which is pretty boring for an 8 year old boy (and a huge injustice that he will tell you all about, if you ask him).

I bet his expression looked like this.

I bet his expression looked like this.

If I had to categorize the movie Drinking Buddies, it would definitely fall into the “Hello, how are you” genre. There’s a whole lot of talking, and not a lot of action. I had heard a really good review of this movie, and the critic said that much about it, so I was prepared. I was actually fairly excited because I dig movies with a lot of rambling dialogue about nothing in particular. I certainly do not need anything to blow up or anyone to run fast. One of my favorite movies of all time is Once, and they pretty much just walk around Ireland talking, and occasionally break into a beautiful folk song. PERFECTION.

For those of you who have not heard of Drinking Buddies, which would probably be most people, the plot is as follows: Luke (Jake Johnson) works at a brewery with hot Kate (Olivia Wilde). They are very good friends who appear to constantly be flirting. Are they dating then, you might ask? No, they are not. And that is because Luke has a girlfriend, Jill (Anna Kendrick, who I love so much even though I despise the movie Pitch Perfect and that horrible song with the cups. Thank god for Up In the Air to balance out that atrocity. I’m sorry to everyone who loves Pitch Perfect, which is a surprisingly large portion of the population). Kate has a boyfriend, Chris (Ron “damn it feels good to be a gangsta” Livingston), but it seems more like a casual booty call type of situation, than a very committed relationship. While Luke and Jill live together and are contemplating marriage, Kate and Chris meet up post happy hour to do “it,” and then Kate bikes home to her apartment. Yeah I said “it.” In quotes. We all know what I’m talking about, so I don’t need to get graphic.

At one point in the film, somebody decides that it would be fun for both couples to go stay at Chris’s family’s cottage for a fun, not at all awkward weekend. This is where things start to fall apart for both couples when there’s an unexpected spark between Jill and Chris, which throws everyone for a loop. This also allows Kate and Luke to spend a lot of uninterrupted drinking/bonding time together while Jill and Chris go out to do nature things. Wanting to sit around and play cards and drink and not go into the woods to aimlessly wander about is when I most related to Kate and Luke, by the way. But no surprise there. Once they all get back to their everyday lives, they have to face all of the emotions that came up during the trip, and finally decide what and who they really want.

Nature hike = bad.

Nature hike = bad

Sitting around, drinking and playing cards = good.

Sitting around, drinking and playing cards = good.

Okay, I will just get it out of the way that I was not a huge fan of the movie. While I appreciate that the creators were trying to bring a new angle to a typical romantic comedy, I was so distracted by the inappropriate friendship between Luke and Kate that it didn’t matter. While Luke and Kate never “hook up,” per se, they basically love one another through longing looks and physically touching at all times. If they were both single, I would find their unrequited love thing to be super adorable, but as it is, I found it a tad troubling. More than a tad, actually. Pretty troubling.

Listen, most of my best friends happen to be male, so it’s not like I don’t believe that men and women can be just friends. It’s simply that if my male friends weren’t in the throes of creating babies with their significant others, I wouldn’t believe that they each have a penis. Kate CLEARLY is aware that Luke has a penis, and she would like to see it. Like, in a sex way. If this movie was trying to prove the point that men and women can be platonic friends without things getting weird, then they did a bad job. If they were trying to prove that if your boyfriend is hanging out with someone who looks like Olivia Wilde that you should probably be nervous about it, then it was quite successful.

Oh, my boyfriend just casually falls asleep while spooning someone who looks like her? That's totally cool. No worries here.

Yeah, my boyfriend just casually falls asleep while spooning someone who looks like her. No biggie. I am A-Ok with that, sir.

I guess I didn’t understand how these couples were together in the first place. Jill and Luke made each other laugh and Kate and Chris…maybe have good sex? But Jill and Chris are clearly needing something from their partners that they’re not getting. And Kate makes it abundantly clear from the first minute of the movie that she wants to be with Luke, and he makes it pretty clear that he wants to be with her, too. She even gives evil glares at Jill! I believe some people would call that, “throwing shade,” unless that means that you offer someone a parasol when it’s too sunny, which is not at all what I mean. I suppose they needed to make the pairs fairly unlikely so the plot twist would be even more interesting, but the ending just left me disappointed because I basically thought all the couples should break up and re-group in different formations. Which was maybe the point? Who knows.

But the movie was not without some good moments, and all of my friends seem to think I’m crazy for not liking this film, so I suppose I can admit that my opinion might not be the end all, and you should see for yourself. But look what happened when the world was warned about Y2K and then nothing happened…think about it.


They work at a brewery where they throw cool parties and drink beer all day.

I don’t know anything about making beer, or how beer is supposed to taste (alls I knows is it gets me drunk when I need it to, y’all. What up what up that’s what I’m talkin about!!), but this movie really made me want to quit my job and figure it out so I can open my own brewery. I know that the process involves some giant, shiny machines that do various useful things like mixing the beer parts into beer, and maybe you have to put something in to get the beer parts and then in the end you taste it and it gets you drunk. And then you sell it for the dolla dolla bills! I’m sold. Sign me up.

I want to take my breaks on a bar stool while drinking beer! Instead, I just go to the bathroom a lot.

I want to take my breaks on a bar stool while drinking beer! Instead, I just go to the bathroom a lot.

A woman works at the brewery and drinks beer and doesn’t eat only salads for lunch.

I’m not a real girly girl (although I will happily sip on the girliest of martinis if it is offered), and I get super sick of seeing every woman portrayed as one. I think you can be feminine and beautiful and not be drinking a Cosmo all the time (although, to be fair, no one has had a Cosmo since 2004, when Sex and the City went off the air). So to see Olivia Wilde drinking beer all day, not wearing dresses, eating shitty food for lunch, and playing pool at a dive bar, is refreshing.

SATC Cosmo

Jake Johnson playing his character from New Girl, just on a different thing.

I basically watched this movie because I have an innocent crush on Nick from New Girl (you can read all about that here). It can sometimes be a very dangerous gamble to put all of your hopes into an actor, based on one character that said actor has portrayed. But I really lucked out, in this case, because Luke (Johnson) is just another version of Nick! It was wonderful. He talked like Nick, worked with alcohol like Nick, was kind of a  loser like Nick, was funny like Nick – really, the whole Nick package!

This is what his face looks like in both the movie and the show,  if that gives you an idea.

This is what his face looks like in both the movie and the show, if that gives you an idea.

– Olivia Wilde getting rejected by two men.

Now, I’m about to be straight up bitchy – it was sort of nice to see Anna Kendrick be the one that two men want, and Olivia Wilde be the one that neither really wants. Before you say that I’m awful, hear me out – I’m jealous of Olivia Wilde’s stunning good looks and it’s fun to see her fail with men because its probably never happened in real life. Does that ease your mind a little? Okay, to be truthful, I just thought the most redeeming part of this movie is that it’s not as predictable as the plot lays itself out to be. On paper, and as evidenced in the first quarter of the movie, it appears that Luke and Kate are destined to be together, and that Luke will have to figure out a way to dump his stuffy, less attractive girlfriend that he never should have been with in the first place. And while I actually think that maybe should have happened (and not because Jill isn’t good enough for him, but because Luke isn’t good enough for Jill), I appreciate the effort to make this story a titch less typical than the usual romantic comedy. But also, it’s kind of fun to see Olivia Wilde have to work for something. I’m human, OKAY!?!

– The script was improvised, which made the dialogue sound natural and not forced.

I knew going in that the script was improvised, and that is always very appealing to me. I think actors have to think a little harder and really listen and be in the moment when they’re not completely relying on cues and lines (I’ve watched a lot of Inside the Actor’s Studio, so I have the right to say stuff like this). With that in mind, I did appreciate that their conversations seemed authentic and genuine. And it made the awkward parts even more awkward, which I always enjoy. (Who doesn’t love watching two people not know what to say to one another?!? Who??)

– The ending was not what I expected. I didn’t like it, but I didn’t expect it.

So, Jill goes on vacation with some girlfriends right after they all return from the cabin. The viewer is led to believe (I should say, I was led to believe) that she is going on this trip with Chris, but really she’s just trying to get away so she can clear her head and figure out what she wants. I assumed that Jill was going to return and be with Chris, and dump Luke so he could be with Kate, because that is how romantic comedies work. But those twisty sumbitches fooled me! The final scenes did not leave me assuming there was a happy ending, or even a sense of closure, but at least it wasn’t predictable.

I do hope this left you wanting more and that you all will watch it and then you tell me how I was wrong. But secretly, I hope you tell me that I’m right because that will be a better feeling for me.

Now, seriously, go watch it.

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  1. Gagner de l'argent en Bourse facilement March 1, 2014 at 2:39 am #

    J en veux encore !!! de mon cote vous etes maintenant dans mes bookmarks, a bientot.

    • athed March 1, 2014 at 9:36 am #

      Merci! This is so nice. And I should really learn more Francais!

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