Girls! Girls! Girls!

17 Jan

Posted by: Alex

I don’t know why Amanda Bynes felt the need to pierce her cheek –

a bynes cheek

But here’s what I do know: Girls is back and I could not be happier about it!

In short, Girls is about 4 twenty-something women living in New York, post-graduation. It stars Lena Dunham, who is also the head writer, producer, director, creator, composer, caterer, best boy grip, and camera guy. She just won a million Golden Globes and I feel like she’s some young, freaky comedy genius. She does have the backup of Judd Apatow (whom I love), so that probably helps. Especially with the catering.

I am about to lay down a controversial statement: I was never a huge fan of Sex and the City. There. I’ve said it. (Except for this scene from the first movie, which makes me weep like a little baby). The old slut Samantha was just so old and slutty. And Charlotte was so annoying and Carrie had the most unrealistic relationships and I always knew that I was the Miranda, so I hated her for that. Since that important cultural phenomenom passed me right by, Girls has given me a second chance. This updated, more awkward and uncomfortable version of Sex and the City is way more my style. They can’t afford new Manolo Blahniks every week and they certainly don’t drink cosmos until the old slut has sex with some much younger model that would never want to sleep with her, let alone marry her. These girls live in Brooklyn and they drink cheap beer and wine and they sleep with ugly hipsters and old college boyfriends and gay men, and it often doesn’t look very fun or enjoyable. Much more realistic.

Now, listen. Yes, there are a couple of issues that viewers have complained about:

1. These girls are all super whiny and entitled 23 year olds (or however old they are). Aren’t all 23 year olds super whiny and entitled these days? I can say things like that because I’m in my 30’s. Way back when I was 23, I never complained once about anything. In fact, I thanked the gods every day that no boys liked me and I made $6.00 at my job and I was still in college acquiring that super useful bachelor’s degree in sociology. My point – get over it. The entitlement part is the whole plot, basically.

If you want to talk entitlement, let’s discuss Whitley for a minute.

2. There is absolutely no diversity. It is true that at the end of season one I had not viewed a person of non-Caucasian descent. But here’s my defense of this – well… ok, I don’t have one. Maybe everyone was white in New York that year? That’s probably it. But at the beginning of season two, Hannah is sleeping with Donald Glover. Problem solved, right? I’m so glad that one black person moved to town this year!

I like every character in this show, with the exception of Marnie (Allison Williams). While I appreciate the character, I feel exactly how I’m supposed to feel about her, which is that her uptight bitchiness upsets me. I kind of wish her real-life dad, Brian Williams (the guy who does the news, but is actually a comedy actor in disguise), was playing her instead. My favorite character is Shoshana (played by Zosia Mamet), the very naïve and earnest girl who is looking for love. And, until the end of season one, someone to take her virginity. She has the greatest lines and she is so over-the-top that it makes me love her more and more each episode. She also reminds me of a girl I went to college with, which is probably why I subconsciously adore her so much.

What I appreciate most about Girls is how uncomfortably realistic these situations are. The sex is not sexy – it’s super weird and makes you squirm as you watch it. And the girls have normal people bodies, which I LOVE. The relationship between Hannah (Dunham) and Adam, the guy she wanted to be her boyfriend for so long (Adam Driver), is completely unhealthy and he is exactly like what a douchy 20-something year old boy is like. Yet, somehow, I get why Hannah keeps going back and I get excited for her to meet a nice Jewish boy someday (wait, they probably don’t have those in NYC either. My bad!) On top of that, the soundtrack is awesome.

I really was obsessed with the first season and I could not wait for season two to begin. I watched the first episode last week, and I wasn’t blown away. It’s supposed to get better, so I’ll withhold any harsh criticisms for now. For those of you who saw it, here were some highlights for me:

– Hannah and her old boyfriend/new gay roommate (Andrew Rannells) describing the types of parties they want to host in the future. All more ridiculous than the other.

– Hannah kicking her roommate’s drunk boyfriend out of the party by pretending to go on a walk with him and then yelling, “I’m really sorry, George!” and frantically running back to her secured entrance apartment building.

– Marnie’s lunch with her mom, played by Rita Wilson, when her mom tells her that she wants to be friends with her, but she’s being mean. Marnie replies with, “I’m like, way more mean to my friends than this.”

“Girls” is on Sunday nights on HBO. Watch it. What better way to end the week than with some uncomfortable sex?

Side note:

Since we’re talking about girls, I want give a big shout to two of my favorites, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. They were the funniest, bestest hosts of the Golden Globes that I’ve ever seen and I hope they host it every year.

My favorite parts:

– Anything and everything that was said by Tina and Amy.

– Jodie Foster’s horrifically awkward and long acceptance speech. STFU Parents said it best when they tweeted, “Reminder to self: never get stuck in an elevator with Jodie Foster.”

– Anjelica Huston’s jacked up face that I look forward to seeing more of on the next season of Smash!

– The look of sheer hatred on Taylor Swift’s face when Adele won, and then Adele’s adorable acceptance speech.

– Mel Gibson crying.

– Lena Dunham telling the other nominees that they “got her through middle school” during her acceptance speech Oh, Lena.

What did you all like?

2 Responses to “Girls! Girls! Girls!”

  1. mthep January 17, 2013 at 8:58 pm #

    i agree with every statement about SATC… and yet. i just can’t not love it. as unrealistic as it was, i was somehow able to relate to it. i can’t explain it… but i can’t deny it.

    i enjoy the girls show, but it just hasn’t drawn me in as much as i expected it to. i’m happy for you that you’ve found yourself some tv girlfriends! i hope lena and crew will get a full 6 seasons, and 2 mediocre movies, too.

  2. athed January 18, 2013 at 12:07 pm #

    I respect you.

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