The Long Lost Mia Michaels Post (for those already in SYTYCD withdrawal)

3 Oct

Posted by: Alex

I promise that this will be the last post about So You Think You Can Dance for those of you who would rather be hit by a bus than watch another Travis Wall contemporary piece. I do understand your frustration and lack of interest in this area. But before I end my streak, I need to reminisce about the week that SYTYCD had their best idea ever: the best of Mia Michaels week. Hallelujah! Why hasn’t this been done every week, I asked myself?!? It was magical. The best part, for me, was not watching the current dancers try to re-do the original choreography. That actually made me feel bad because I didn’t think any of the new versions held up to the originals. What made me so elated was being reminded of what a genius Mia Michaels is and then proceeding to go back and watch all of my favorite dances on YouTube. And that’s what I’ve compiled here: my all-time favorite Mia Michaels pieces. Even those of you dance haters will be able to appreciate how beautiful, creative, smart, and moving each of these dances are. (I might be projecting a little. Feel free to hate away. I guess it’s a free country).

Kherington and Twitch: Dreaming with a Broken Heart (John Mayer):

This piece literally gives me shivers each and every time I watch it. It is so simple – there’s actually not much dancing even going on. It’s a lot of flailing and running around. There’s just something about the way each note of the song is hit with such force and the message seems so sad and heartbreaking. And I remember this being the first time that I appreciated Kherington. Maybe it was because her hair got so messed up by the end, so she didn’t look so perfect? I love being a girl. My genetic code forces me to say catty comments like that on a regular basis. Highlight: the first roses being thrown on the bed by Kherington. Who knew John Mayer could make me so emotional? I guess the answer to that is: Jennifer Aniston and any other singer/actress who has been dumped and needed a rebound.

Twitch and Katee: Mercy (Duffy):

Oh, Twitch. You are so good. Twitch pretty much never failed at any piece he was given. This dance was a perfect combination of jazz, with a little hip hop thrown in, so he shined. Katee also killed every single dance she was in, whether it was a samba or a lyrical. And if you give me a good prop that is used for a reason, like the door in this case, I will like your dance. Highlight: Katee hanging on the door and Twitch’s James Brown-esque follow-up move.

Randi and Evan: Koop Island Blues (Koop):

This dance never blows me away, but I just love the look of it. All the butt shaking and the walking funny – it’s entertaining. I didn’t post the judging afterwards, but what happens is that all they talk about is Randi’s ass. For, like, 10 minutes. I think she has a great behind, but seriously? If that’s what you call a big butt, you’re gonna need to step outside of a dance studio and look at real people bodies. Don’t be dumb asses (pun intended). Highlight: The loosy goosey funny walks. And that is the technical term, if you’re wondering.

Katee and Joshua: Hometown Glory (Adele):

I’ve probably watched this piece more than any other. I like to re-watch every subtle movement because I think this choreography is so well thought out and constructed. This was the first time that I thought, whoa, this is not just a dumb reality show. I actually get to see incredible choreography. For free. On Fox. Highlight: Katee being “run” across the floor by Joshua. So good. I’m not even sure why it’s so good. It just is.

Kayla and Kupono: Gravity (Sara Bareilles):

I don’t really have words for how amazing I think this dance is. Choreographers will often say things like, “this piece is about my trip to the desert and finding water for the first time, but then giving it up for future love that is fleeting, but fills my heart with oxygen from Africa.” I don’t get it. And then I see their piece and I still don’t get it. But this dance is simple: it’s about addiction. And I understand it. The greatest part is that I’ve never gone through addiction, so this dance gives me a deeper comprehension of what it must be like. That is how powerful I think it is. Sorry for being so sappy, but I want to grab this dance and make out with it. Highlight: the whole thing.

There are a zillion pieces that I’ve missed, so tell me what they are! Happy dancing, pals.

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