Fall TV is One of the Great Joys In My Life

28 Sep

Posted by: Alex

Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons: cool air, wearing sweaters, honeycrisp apples, Halloween, leaves changing colors, lack of headaches induced by that nasty sunlight, blah blah blah, I could go on and on. One thing that consistently lands in my top five favorite things about fall is the TV season. Part of my excitement might just be that new shows, and returning shows for that matter, get overly built up for weeks on end. How could I not get excited?!? I don’t even care if there is no chance in hell I’ll watch it. Two and a Half Men is back!? And Ashton Kutcher might say something sassy and off the cuff in the first episode?!? Hurray for all of their fans! That’s just one example of the useless amount of energy and enthusiasm I put towards fall television.

I bet Ashton is saying something super funny that a fan of this show is thoroughly enjoying. And that makes me so happy for them!

But in this post, I will focus on shows that I’ve set my DVR to record. Remember when you used to have to be there to watch a show when it was actually on?!?And you had to watch commercials?? I hope, for the sake of civilization and all that is good in this world that we never have to go back to those sad and forlorn times.

Let’s start with new shows:

The Mindy Project

For those of you that know me, you are well aware that Mindy Kaling is one of my favorite comedians ever. Kelly Kapoor was, by far, my favorite character on The Office. She typically only had one line on each episode, and that one line would make me laugh so hard, I would fall off the couch. I understand that reaction may be a tad over the top, but that is how much I appreciate her. And the best part? She probably wrote that line, because she was one of the brilliant head writers. And her blog is one of the reasons I wanted to write this blog. I will stop with the gushing now. I just thought I should explain why I watched the trailer for The Mindy Project approximately 500 times. And why I haven’t yet watched the premier, which could have been viewed weeks ago, because I’m saving myself for the official premier like it’s the eighth day of Hanukkah. There is just no way I will be disappointed – she could do a Dane Cook comedy act, word for word, and I would laugh just because it’s her saying it. That’s how much I will enjoy this show.  


I honestly have no idea why I want to watch Nashville. I don’t like country music; I didn’t watch Friday Night Lights, so I don’t have an emotional attachment to Connie Britton; I’m pretty sure I’ll never like Hayden Panetierre as much as I did in the very first scene of Heroes when she threw herself off of a bridge to show that her power is healing. I whispered “save the cheerleader, save the world” in any context, whether it made sense or not, for months. So, she’s not the draw. Maybe it’s my love of older, washed out people getting revenge on younger, better looking people? That must be it. Nashville’s received surprisingly good reviews and the dramatic previews have just drawn me in. Let’s be honest – I’ll give it one episode. If it doesn’t go well, we’ll have to part ways. I know that’s not fair of me, but that’s just the way it is. I’m looking for something serious, not a wham bam thank you ma’am kind of program.


This will be brief – I hate shows like the X-Factor, but like much of America, I wanted to see Britney Spears (and Demi Lovato, actually, because I like her and I hope the best for her. She has a nice smile and she is very talented) be normal or crazy. I’d take either version. I was just curious. I watched about one half of one episode and had my fill. I do love Simon Cowell (as in, lust love. I know. I can’t explain it. He’s just so powerful and mean!) and I actually found Britney to be entertaining, but I can’t sit through all that nonsense. Be talented or I don’t want to watch. And even if you’re a good singer, I still don’t really want to watch you. The only exception to this rule is The Voice, which I’ve just discovered. Their whole gimmick of the judges turning around if they like what they hear is GENIUS! I was confused, though, and thought the whole season was like that. Dan had to explain that at some point, the contestants just sing and no one turns around in those fancy chairs. No turn-y around-y, no Alex watch-y.

Now, to beloved shows I will be returning to:

New Girl

I think New Girl was, easily, the best new show of last season. The writing is smart, Zooey Deschanel is cute and witty, but most of all – the supporting cast is incredible. Max Greenfield, who plays Schmidt, is so unbelievably funny and has such great delivery, that he is up there with Ron Swanson as one of my all-time favorite TV characters. What surprises me is how much I like Nick, played by Jake Johnson. I actually like his character more than Schmidt, which says a lot. He’s just so vulnerable and adorable and he obviously loves Jess (played by Zooey) and I can’t wait for them to get together. But I hope it doesn’t happen until the last episode, or we could have a Pam and Jim debacle on our hands.

How I Met Your Mother

Here’s me and my friends! I think I must have been taking this picture, and that’s why you don’t see me.

Another thing to know about me is that I love How I Met Your Mother. A lot. I own every season (which is saying something, because I own about 6 dvd’s – Seasons 1 and 2 of the West Wing, and the rest are Julie Andrews movies) and I have watched each season multiple times. I never ever get sick of this show because the characters have become my other group of friends. (Sorry, real group of friends. I sometimes call Barney or Robin instead of you to hang out. They’re just so low maintenance and they always want to do what I want to do). I have genuinely become attached to each character and care about what happens to them. I know this sounds crazy, but it’s true. There is debate right now if this season, season 8, will be the last and we will finally find out who the mother is. I am torn – I think it’s probably time. I mean, Ted’s been telling his kids this story FOR 8 YEARS. Don’t they need to go to school? But, on the other hand, I don’t want to let it go. We’ll see. I don’t see a season 9 in sight, and I’ll try to be ready for the end when it arrives. And if my “real” friends can’t comfort me appropriately, I’ll just go get a beer with Lily and Marshall at MacLaren’s, which is just down the street from me. It is! We go there every night, practically.

The Thursday Night Line-Up: Parks and Rec, Up All Night, The Office, 30 Rock

I have very mixed feelings about this group of shows. I never became a real fan of Community, which I feel sort of bad about. (Isn’t that funny? Some people feel bad about not doing enough charity work, or spending enough time with their kids, etc. I feel bad when I don’t enjoy a television show I think I should appreciate. To be fair, I feel bad about a wide array of things). I get that it’s incredibly smart and different, but I kind of hate every single character. If you look back at my paragraph about HIMYM, you’ll know why not connecting with characters is kind of a deal breaker for me. The only person I don’t hate is Donald Glover, and he might be getting his own show, so problem solved. Also, Community has been moved to Friday nights, so yet another problem solved! Who watches TV on Friday nights? I can’t even remember to set my DVR for Friday nights, so there we go. I am unable to continue watching it. Community’s time slot has been replaced with Up All Night, another show I feel slightly meh about. I had a lot of hope for it because it’s Will Arnett, for the god’s sakes! GOB!!! But even he can’t make me find plot lines about parenting funny. It’s just not my genre. Now, I’ll have my first baby in a month or so, and maybe magically I’ll think tired parent jokes are humorous, but probably it will just make me sad because that will be my real life. Let’s put it this way – I will continue to watch it, but I will cook, fold laundry, and check Pinterest on my phone while it’s on. It’s that kind of 22 minutes.

The Office and 30 Rock, two shows I have been extremely faithful to over the years, are each coming to an end after this season, and I feel fine about it (again, please refer to my HIMYM post about how I don’t like when shows end). The Office stopped being remotely funny the second Steve Carell announced he was leaving and 30 Rock has kind of done all they can do. 30 Rock is one of the rare shows that I laugh out loud at while I’m watching (remember what I said about Kelly Kapoor? Multiply those feelings of love by a billion and that’s how much I’m obsessed with Liz Lemon. It’s not normal how much I adore this character) and I will miss that. I think it’s rare to find a show where the writing resonates so much with you that you let out an old fashioned belly laugh. I will mourn not seeing Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin every week, but I want it to end on a high note, which I think it will.

Worth a Mention:


I hate myself for watching Glee. HATE MYSELF. But I’m in too deep. And it gives me something to complain about for an hour after.

Life After Top Chef:

Top Chef is my absolute favorite reality show. I love eating food, I love cooking food, I love watching people cook and eat food, etc. And the best part is that the Top Chef people have come up with a million different offspring (Top Chef Masters, Top Chef Just Desserts), so their audience is never left in a sad stupor between regular Top Chef seasons. The newest is Life After Top Chef, which follows four ex-contestants (including Fabio, the adorable Italian who messes up words in English just so women will find him more charming), starting restaurants post the show. And this leads right into the next season of Top Chef. Perfect.

Key & Peele:

Key and Peele is an amazingly funny and smart sketch comedy show on Comedy Central. It has a Dave Chappelle feel, and I think both guys are incredibly talented. Also, our friend Charlie happens to be one of the writers, so if you don’t watch it I’ll punch you in the face.

Stay tuned for MtheP’s favorite fall television…

6 Responses to “Fall TV is One of the Great Joys In My Life”

  1. fgagliardi99 at 9:37 am #

    I also plan on watching Nashville and I have no idea why!! I think I just need a primetime soap opera in my life right now.

    • athed at 10:31 am #

      I agree. I just want to laugh and cry and gasp, all at once, on a weekly basis. That’s all I’m asking!

  2. Jessica Galatz at 12:01 pm #

    Perhaps you’ve heard this before, but you gotta watch Friday Night Lights! Let me say that I don’t care much for football or Texas, and I loved the show. You fall in love with the characters, which sounds just up your alley!

  3. athed at 12:19 pm #

    Jessica, I’ve heard this! Everyone says I would love it. I need to just suck it up and have a marathon viewing session. I’ll let you know what I think once I do!


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