So You Think You Can Dance – Top 10 and Top 8

3 Sep

Posted By: Alex

I know there are literally millions of you out there saying to yourselves, “Wait. What happened to the top 14, Alex? How can you skip to the top 10? And why are you doing a post about the top 10 and the top 8?” Here’s my initial answer – what, is this an interrogation? Are you with the FBI or something? Get off my back! But then here’s my answer after calming down a bit: the top 14 show was the Mia Michaels episode which got me so excited to reminisce about old Mia Michaels dances that I need more time to gather my thoughts. It will be coming soon. The answer to part two of your burning questions is laziness, my friends, pure laziness. If I keep going at the pace I’m at now, by the time I get around to the final four dancers, you’ll be like thanks for talking about this show that ended three months ago. Reflection is truly rewarding and enjoyable!

The Top 10:

The dance I’m supposed to say I liked the best was the Bang Bang dance by Eliana and Alex. I’m supposed to pick this one because Eliana is my favorite lady dancer and Alex Wong is amazing and should have won his season, even after leaving because of an injury. They should have just ended the season at episode 4, or whenever he left, and called him as the winner. Here’s why. The Bang Bang dance is also, objectively, the best dance technically. Eliana’s legs are out of control and the choreography is amazing.

I mean, come on.

But guess what, society? I don’t do everything you tell me to do! (Unless it’s a rule or a law. Then I will follow it faithfully because I am a real rule follower. But back to my badass-ness.) Eat it! I won’t pick your stupid dance! That’s because I happened to like Jaimie and Cyrus’s piece the best. I’ve liked Jaimie ever since she and Hok did the butterfly dance in season 3. She is unbelievably gorgeous and I always forget about her. And then she starts dancing and my love for her comes flooding back. And that cute little hip hop dancer Cyrus got all contemporary up in there and he was impressive! Here’s what voters like more than anything – an untrained hip hop dancer killing a contemporary piece. America is a sucker for that shit. So, we might as well crown Cyrus the winner now, because dude is loveable and also very untrained. Sorry, dancers who’ve been taking classes for 20 years! Your story isn’t quite so touching.

P.S. I want to dance to this M83 song. Bad.

Song: Outro

Artist: M83

The Top 8:

Let’s get a little bucc up in here, shall we? You might be thinking, let’s get a little male deer up in here? Oh no, naïve reader. That’s buck. Bucc means and, you know…like, cool. I don’t know. Talk to Lil C.

This is Lil C trying to explain “Bucc.” I think he’s struggling.

My favorite piece from the top 8 episode was, hands down, Witney and Twitch’s hip hop number. I love petite, pretty ballroom dancers getting all dirty and hip hop and bucc! It is so satisfying. And Witney was definitely bucc. Just like a male deer would be.

Twitch is always perfect, so I don’t even know what to say about him. Did you know that he auditioned four times, or something, before he got on the show? That is cray-cray, seeing as he has been one of the most successful contestants that SYTYCD has ever produced. (Granted, my standards for being successful after SYTYCD are pretty low. It basically means getting in a Step Up movie or a being a back-up dancer on Glee. But still.) I’ve been desperately missing Tabitha and Napoleon’s choreography ever since they left to go have a baby. Wah wah. We had a baby. I guess we don’t have time to make up some dances. Wah wah wah. But Luther Brown did a fabulous job with the choreography, so I forgive them. If Luther goes and has a baby, though, I will throw a glass at my television.

Song: My Homies Still

Artist: Lil Wayne Feat. Big Sean

2 Responses to “So You Think You Can Dance – Top 10 and Top 8”

  1. Felicia September 6, 2012 at 5:18 pm #

    Can I just say how cute Chehon’s (or however the fuck you spell it) parents are?? Why couldn’t they have adopted me instead of my stupid actual parents?!?! And what about Allison?? Also one of my all time favorites.

    • athed September 7, 2012 at 10:49 am #

      His parents are so cute! Except they’re German, so I bet when they talk it gets a lot less cute.

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