So You Think You Can Dance – Top 16

17 Aug

There were two things that I discovered I liked this week which led me to my Top 16 pick.

 Thing #1: Lindsay.

I’m not just another blonde! I’m a blonde named Lindsay!

You might know Lindsay as one of the two blonde ballroom dancers that look and dance alike. For that reason (and I have mentioned this before), they rule each other out and I never remember/care about either of them. Didn’t you think of this, “So You Think You Can Dance” decision makers? Putting a bunch of dancers that all look and dance alike makes it impossible for people to care about one. The girl I remember most every week is Amelia, mostly because she’s so pale and she loves to look like she’s been kidnapped and doesn’t know where she is.

I’m just a dainty forest nymph that accidentally knows how to dance good!

But I digress.

For a ballroom dancer, I thought Lindsay danced this contemporary piece beautifully. Mandy Moore gave her a lot of tough choreography! And yes, she fell out of a double pencil turn (this is when the dancers reading* throw their heads back in fits of laughter. “Fall out of a double pencil turn?!? What is this, Jazz Intermediate I?!? Ahahahahaha!!! Use your core, idiot!”) And sure, she didn’t always point her toes. I forgot my train of thought…oh yes! She flops around really well and makes it look dramatic, so there you go. And when Cole drags her backwards by her feet at the beginning and she does that tricky somersault thing – that’s like a “Jerry Maguire” moment: you had me at that tricky somersault thing you did at the beginning.

*No one is reading this.

 Thing #2: Mandy Moore.

This picture screams: “I bet you thought I was that dumb pop singer Mandy Moore, who is shockingly still married to Ryan Adams. Nope!! I’m different than her! Get used to it.” Or some such thing.

This is certainly not the first Mandy Moore piece of choreography that I’ve ever liked. I’m sure there are many. But this dance reminded me that I like her more than I think I do. My beef with Mandy Moore is this – the music that a choreographer picks, in my humble opinion, makes or breaks a dance. And while I have no problem with the music of the 80’s, I also appreciate knowing that choreographers have listened to a new piece of music since 1989. I’m not sure Mandy Moore has. And that is okay. While “Total Eclipse of the Heart” never moved me the first time around, it might be another person’s favorite song. To each their own. The Eurythmics were a great band. I’m not sure if Mandy knows that other musicians have written songs since “Sweet Dreams,” but perhaps someone could tell her. These are just some thoughts I have about this topic.

Again, I digress. My point is that Mandy Moore is, no doubt, an incredible choreographer and I would like to not get so caught up in her musical choices that I forget to notice that. I happen to love the song “Wild Horses,” so maybe that’s why this dance stuck out to me. But I also think that the full package of beautiful choreography, gorgeous dancing, a moody backdrop, and a great song made for a fabulous dance.

Hence, my dance of the week –

Lindsay and Cole

Music: “Wild Horses”  Charlotte Martin

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