So You Think You Can Dance – Top 18

9 Aug

The dance I chose this week as my favorite makes it evident that I didn’t find much to like in this week’s episode. No – I take that back. There was a Sonya Tayeh dance that I liked okay. But sometimes I get sick of myself choosing moody contemporary pieces as my go-to favorites.

You’re 8 years old and pretending to be stuck in a box of sadness that even you don’t understand? Yeah, I’ll still probably pick your dance over the tango.

So this week I broke free from my box of sadness! I chose a foxtrot as my favorite! Listen. It isn’t the greatest dance I’ve ever seen, but it’s so sweet and classic. Sometimes I just want dance to look like a Fred Astaire movie rather than some depressing suicidal love story directed by Quentin Tarantino. And this dance satisfied that need. I hope you enjoy it. If you don’t, I’m sure “Pulp Fiction” is on Showtime or something, you dark hearted happiness hater.

Tiffany and George

Music: “I Want to Be Loved By You” Sinead O’Connor

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